Thursday, December 29, 2011

Make new friends, but keep the old....MKLI writing prompts

Today I'll be writing a post and linking up with mamakat and participating in her weekly writing prompt. Check out her badge above....I FINALLY figured out how to get it posted on here.

How would my life be if I had married my closest male friend from high school.

My best male friend in high school was a total "oddball" in the small town I grew up in.He had a mohawk and piercings before they were "cool".  That was fine with me because I always liked things that were really different from what was the norm in my community. He moved into town and was in the same grade as I. There were about 5 or 6 of us (boys and girls) who were tight with each other.  We all skipped  school together. Had ISS together. Ate lunch together. My best friend was nicknamed Sid by all of us because he played guitar. His style was totally Punk and he loved Sid Vicious as a musician at the time. Sid and I spent hours on top of hours on the phone at night during the summers because we lived really far apart. We both like each other but for some reason never took it past the friendship stage even though we admitted we "liked" each other.

The summer after our Sophomore year he joined the Army (he was a little over a year older than I). I got together with my oldest son's father., had a baby, and we lost touch after that.

I always wondered what happened to him. My heart would race whenever I heard of someone with the same last name. Then a little over a year ago I saw one of our other close friends on Facebook. And we were able to get back in touch. I was so happy to have found him again. We communicate once or twice a month through email. He has a lovely wife who I like very much.

I think if we had gotten married when he got out of the army and I hadn't gotten married to my son's father we would have had a good relationship. We still agree on lots of things, and still have the same method of disagreeing when we don't agree on something. It's a nice thought to hold onto and brings back those feelings from being young. However, I think I'd like to keep the might have/ could haves a nice mystery.

Monday, December 19, 2011

Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow...MKLI writing prompts

For Mamakatslosintit writing prompts this week I chose: How has my blog changed in the last year.(and don't forget to check her out..sorry still didn't get the badge up top correct yet)

My blog has came a long way since last year at this time...mostly because I was only considering blogging last year at this time. I had 1001 reasons and excuses about why I probably couldn't do it....the kids take up too much of my time...I would be at a loss as to what I should write...I couldn't write in it daily...could/should I be completely honest in my blog?...would I want to put my face out there for all to know?

These things were, and still are, true. I started this blog around May or June of this year. I've shared some things that I wasn't sure about sharing. I'm glad I did. There have been lots of lovely, encouraging comments from the few people who've read it. Those comments have been enough to give me a smile on some days I found it hard to smile. They've given me courage to write about things that are true and important in my life. At other times this blog has just been a place for me to vent all of my frustrations at different times so that I didn't just keep them locked inside where they would do the most damage. It has been my escape at times.

I've found that this blogging thing is a little harder than I imagined. Some days I want to write, but I just don't feel I have anything interesting enough to write. Some days I just don't feel like writing or have time to do it. That's all ok because this here blog belongs to little old me, and I can do what I want to it...or not.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Marriage Material...MKLI writing prompts

Shout out to who inspired this post with one of her weekly prompts. (Her badge should be above..but someone cna't figure out WHAT she's doing wrong when trying to add it.) Her sight is awesome and lots of fun....She's practically world famous after all.

If I HAD to marry a celebrity my top 5 picks would be....

Tom Hanks: because I've loved every movie he's done.

Martin Lawrence: because he could probably always make me laugh

Orlando Bloom: if he was the real live Elf he played in The Lord of the Rings.

Angelina Jolie: back in her Laura Croft/ Tomb Raider days

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Lions and tigers and deer..oh my!...MKLI writing prompts

Ok. So it's been a few weeks since I participated in mama kat's oh so almost famous writer's workshop. (CLICK ON HER BADGE ABOVE AND HEAD ON OVER :)

I think I'll respond to a couple of the prompts today to make up for lost time and the first one is.........

Have I decorated my tree and share a favorite ornament. First I have to say that as much as I'd like to share a picture of my prized ornament I can't because while moving my stuff back in with the scrooge my camera got damp when my car trunk was leaking or something spilled on it and won't work now. Yes I let it set for a week in a bowl of rice. I let a fan blow on it. I did everything but let it take a few spins in the dryer, but I vetoed that idea because I REALLY can't afford to replace a washer right now. (My washer is one of the small size ...8 yr old....washers that wash and dry the clothes) besides I'm not even sure the dryer works since i usually hang my clothes out to dry or put them on a clothes rack in the garage during bad weather. Oh WAIT! I was talking about ornaments right? my favorite ornament is without a doubt a yellow plastic apple with a hole in the front that's stuffed full of cotton with a little tiny plastic deer glued in the cotton. It hangs from a red yarn string, and it's ALWAYS on the front of the tree near the bottom. I made this when I was in Brownies when I was 5. Since I was little back then I always put it on the tree where I could easily reach and see it, so that's become it's official spot on my tree every year. I can't explain the panic I felt when I thought it had accidentally been given away to goodwill a couple years back when we were going through things. I contacted the main goodwill office in the area and filled out a "item description form" describing it and offering a $100 reward for any worker who recognized it and returned it. The manager assured me the paper would be copied and distributed to their workers who sort through items and put them in their proper groups. I was SOO happy when I ran across it in a box it shouldnt have been in while looking for something else. I cried tears of joy that time.

Now I have a couple of ornaments that come in a close second...I have some 1" glow in the dark plastic angels my aunt use to put on her tree every year, and I was fascinated by them and spent hours looking at them in the dark. I have them now that she's gone. I only put one or two on the tree these days because they're old and brittle and their wings break off easily.

I WISH I had the plastic Wizard of OZ ornaments my grandmother use to have. I love W. O.O. and I loved those ornaments, but I guess they got misplaced over the years. I've looked on ebay,craiglsit, yardsales, hopes of running across them. 

And we are decorating our tree right now :)

A Movie that makes me cry everytime... Greenmile

A favorite snow memory...When I was around the age of 10 we still had some decent snows in Va. That year we had a few snows with accumulation maybe 8-10 inches. My friend and I were tired of being inside..tired of sledding..tired of snowmen...tired of igloo. We decided to have a winter picnic in the woods. We packed peanut butter crackers...maybe and apple and sandwich....with red Koolaid to top it off. The spot we chose involved climbing a somewhat steep hill...a slick steep hill. The Koolaid wasn't in a completely leak proof container, and by the time we made it to our spot most of the Koolaid was gone. It was all over everything. We ate what we could and left the leftovers for the animals. We didn't have a hard time tracing our steps because we had left a red trail of koolaid. we had so much fun that day :)

holiday fun

Between finals and the holiday activities coming up December will be busy busy busy. Last week Scrooge took the kids to a UCF football game. It was their first live one ever. Zindie was not so impressed, but Xavie was in his element since he was somewhere he didn't have to use his "inside voice".....this kid's inside voice is closer to most people's outside voices if THAT tells you anything. They all came back late and tired...I got to stay at home ALL BY MYSELF for 8...8. ...EIGHT whole hours. Party time!

Yesterday I took the kids to an arts festival...outside...all by myself..with no stroller or kid leashes.  It was tiring but fun. Then when it was time to drive there was major issues because someone (all) who had helium filled balloons on string kept letting them float up front with me. It was hard to keep them all the way in the back of the car because I drove Scrooge's Geo Metro to save gas. It's about 3 inches longer than a smart car. Can anyone say sardines?
Then I took them to a park to kill time before a parade we were going to. Afer chasing Zavie around to try and burn off some of his energy I was disappointed to see we still had around 2 hours before the parade. The boat parade at night was fun. And does it make me a bad mommy for telling the kids to not get close to the water because an Alligator might eat them? It's kind of true..definitely possible since we do live in Central Florida.....

Next week we're going to the Melbourne Christmas Lights Night-Time parade. The kids loved that 2 years ago...I'm sure they will now. So it's all fun from now till the holidays.

I love seeing kids at christmas...they're so funny :)

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Who crapped in Spiderman's Cheerios? Zave did!

Me: Do you think spider man is a big guy or a baby?
Zavier: A big boy

Me: zave? do you want some spiderman big boy underwear?
Zave: Yes...yay...spiderman mama

Me: you pee-pee in the potty or your diaper?
Zave: Innn....THE POTTY...YAYYY
Me: yes...GREAT job'm so proud of you

Me: you boo-boo in the potty or your diaper?
Zave: In my DIAPER! have to boo-boo on potty if you want to wear spider-man training pants.
Zave: yeah..i have to boo-boo in the potty not spider man.

Me: that's right... spider man doesn't want  to be boo-booed on.
Zave: noooooo....spiderman not like thaaaa---attt...noooo (shaking head)
Me: noooo (shaking head) spiderman wouldn't like thhaaa--aat.

Five more minutes of this line of conversation

Switching over to me sounding like a fucking cheerleader

Me: Zave if you wear some spider-man training pants where are you gonna pee-pee?
Zave: I gonna pee-pee in potty....YAYY...(doing fist pump)
Me: yeeessss...Zave ....that's right...great job!

Me: but Zave...what if you're wearing spider-man training pants and you need to boo-boo? where are you gonna boo-boo?
Zave: ummm....I boo-boo on spiderman! yessss

 at least he gets some use out of the cute little glow in the dark spiderman underpants I got him...right now he's wearing them as a hat since he'll probably outgrow them before he ever actually wears them somewhere other than his head!