Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Childhood memory...MKLI writing prompts

This post is inspired by the 'almost world famous' writing prompts over ar Mamakatslosinit. (see badge above)

Write about a childhood memory as if I was that child again:

My 6 yr. old self thinking:
I love my foot-shaped glow in the dark sticker on my ceiling. I'm never gonna take it off. I wonder if it'll glow forever? It's been there since school started and I can still see it so it's probably gonna last forever. Wait! WHat if dad decides to paint the ceiling again? What THEN? I'm sure it won't glow if it's got paint on it. OMG..he just can't paint it. I'll never see my sticker. What will I look at when it's dark? He just painted a few weeks ago. He's probably gonna paint again soon. I've got to tell him to not paint my foot-shaped glow in the dark sticker. Maybe I should tell him now so he won't come in and do it before I wake up...just in case I don't hear him. ...yeah I should tell him..


Dad: Yes...Yes...what is it? what happened? what's wrong?

Me: Are you ever gonna paint my foot-shaped glow in the dark sticker?

Dad: Your foot-shaped glow in the dark sticker???????

Me:  Yes... my foot-shaped glow in the dark sticker...are you gonna paint over it?

Dad: Ummmm...no I'm not gonna paint your sticker. now go to sleep. (turns around to leave)

Me: DAD!! do you know which sticker I'm talking about?

Dad: No..we'll talk about it tomorrow...now go to SLEEP!

Me: But dad if you don't know which sticker I'm talking about how do you know you're not gonna paint it? Because I want to keep it forever there on my ceiling.

Dad: (looking up) Oh...THAT sticker. I see it and I won't paint it ever. I'll always paint around it. I'll even draw a circle around it tomorrow so I'll never forget. now go TO SLEEP..it's late!

Me: good night. I love you..

Dad: Ok. I love you too. Good night.

Me: love you more...and thanks for not painting my sticker

Dad: Now go to sleep..it's late. (turns around, snaps off light)

Me: you forgot to say "love you most"

Dad: ( still dark, holding door) love you more...now I mean it. You have to go to sleep. It's way past your bedtime. (starts closing door)

Me: DAD!

Dad: ( sighs really big) yesss...WHAT is it?

Me: Can I have some water?.........

My 40 yr. old self:
God...how did he keep from choking me? I wonder what happened to that sticker? Did he ever pull it off or paint over it? I wish he were alive so I could ask him. Boy if he did...I would give him such a hard time about painting over my sticker...or taking it off.  Oh dad....I do love you...I love you more...I even love you more than I did my foot-shaped glow in the dark sticker.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

My mind is like Dominoes......the game not the pizza company

As I was browsing through the Sunday paper I got distracted by 'the funny' section. I'm way too easily distracted and could start thinking about an English Bulldog and then a few minutes later realize I'm thinking about what my boobs will look like when I'm 60....probably wouldn't want to know how I ever managed to link those subjects together. OOPS!!! side tracked again.  My original thought was about the things my mind wandered over to while looking through The Sunday Funnies.

First I was looking at them then the next thing I knew I was thinking about Silly Putty and using it to copy pics from the newspaper and stretching and rolling it to put it back in shape.

The Silly Putty thoughts led to thoughts of other much loved childhood toys (kind of the way this post makes me think of the song  "The Leg Bone's Connected to the Foot Bone...The Foot Bone's connected to the Toe bone..." WHAT?!?! Am I the only one who paid attention to that song in Elementary Health Class????

Because of those damn funnies I ended up spending half of my Sunday evening searching and looking for old toys I had (or wanted) from back in the day. I know my post have been full of  "Top Ten' list lately, but I'm on a roll and can't seem to stop myself (much like my thoughts).  I think it must be because I'm officially over  the hill now that I've turned 40...just kidding..I know 40 is supposedly the new 30.

 Silly Putty--who couldn't love such a thing as that? I mean Mcgyver's Silly Putty Bomb was pretty damn cool, and it even worked pretty good as a substitute gum when in a pinch. (That's what happened to my brain cells I guess)

Milky the Marvelous Milking Cow--Being a country girl this gave me practice for when it was time to really milk a cow...plus she didn't smell as bad as the real cows did and she was house-broken.

The Gingham's Paper Doll Books--mixing and matching all those little paper outfits and decorating the little paper rooms provided lots of fun on rainy days.

Little Green Inchworm--sooo much cooler than just a plain old tricycle. Even though I loved my little tricycle too.

Etch-A Sketch


rip cord cars and spin tops

Big Wheels

Tinker Toys--before they told parents they weren't safe...I wonder how many kids REALLY got hurt playing with these? or is it just another toy put on the list as unsafe because kids have the potential to get hurt by them?

I could go on and on, but these are just some of the few that ran through my mind. If I had them right now I know what I'd be doing. Except for maybe the Big Wheels because even though I probably haven't outgrown them height-wise I don't think I'd manage to squeeze my stomach AND ass in the little seat.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

I wanted it MY WAY today

SOMEBODY woke up on the wrong side of the bed today, and this time it wasn't my 3 yr. old, Zauria. I guess I feel a little bit, well, actually A LOT like a bitch today, but SERIOUSLY! if you're advertising free wifi connection in your establishment- for paying customers- don't you think you could make sure that that connection doesn't require sitting like 5 feet from the office door to receive said connection? Because of this I don't feel so bad about my kid setting off the alarm on the emergency door in your play area today when she just touched it while looking at the big crane standing on the other side. If you don't want to get off your ass and reset the box thingy then at least you had to get up to shut off the alarm.

You told a Whopper of a lie in your commercial....I couldn't really have it my way....since your grill was broken and instead of the good unhealthy, fattening, mayo-dripping junk I craved today I had to go with the salad which probably had just as many calories as the burger but without all the taste.

I had to move from my window seat because the big picture window in the play area started leaking during the storm and with each plop-plop of  water my laptop was getting splattered along with my phone, so along with not being able to have it my way... I had to go out of my way.

You were my king:

but next time I'm gonna cheat on you with the Clown and his sidekick:

Because when I really, really, needed you....you weren't there for me.

Bring Home the Bacon...MKLI writing prompts

This Post is inspired by the writing prompts over at mamakatslosint. (the badge can be found up at the top there). I chose prompt #2.

Top 10 reasons bacon is awesome:

1. BLT's
2. Nobody ever complains about eating bacon.
3. It taste good for breakfast, lunch, or dinner.
4. It's an easy microwavable food.
5. It's taste so good that it's a real treat when I let myself have it.
6. It can give a nice flavor to almost any food.
7. I can use a soy bacon and get almost the same flavor as the real thing.
8. Eating it keeps the farmers who raise piggies in business.
9. Bacon-Avacado wraps.
10. It's allowed on low-carb diets...which, btw,  I'm not doing at the moment.

Well this is my post for prompts this week. I have some ideas for some post that aren't prompted by someone else...I just feel kind of "blah" lately and really can't get into writing a lot.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Favorite Song List...MKLI writing prompts

Post inspired by the prompts found over at mamakatslosinit. ( SEE BADGE ABOVE)

Write a short story prompted by your favorite song:

I had a bit of trouble with this week's prompts. I finally decided on the first prompt....with a twist. It's hard for me to narrow down all the different songs I love into one favorite. I know I could just pick one and write a story, but each song I tried to use didn't inspire any thoughts for a story. I thought why not just make a post linking to some of my favorite songs. Tomorrow is my 40th B-day, so I decided to pick some songs that I've loved for different reasons. Sorry mamakat for taking liberties with your prompts, but I just don't have an active enough imagination these days.

Some of my favorites:
1. "Many Rivers to Cross" by Jimmy Cliff
2. "The Harder They Come" by Jimmy Cliff
3. "I Won't Back Down" by Tom Petty
4. "To Meet You" by Teitur
5. "I Was Just Thinking" by Teitur
6. "Unconditional Love" by Jah Cure
7. "Mony Mony" by Billy Idol
8. "Here I go Again" by White Snake
9. "Imagine" by John Lennon
10. "Someday Never Comes" by CCR
11. "Coward of the County" by Kenny Rogers
12. "Bedroom Boom" by Ying Yang Twins
13. "F You...I don't Want You Back"  Eamon & Frankie remix
14. "Crazy" by Patsy Cline
15. "Jail House Rock" by Elvis
16. "Stand By Me" by Ben E. King
17. "Hard Knock Life" by Jay Z
18. "Good Hearted Woman" by Willie Nelson and Waylon Jennings
19. "Go Rest High On That Mountain" by Vince Gill
20. "Missing You" by Puff Daddy/Faith Evans
21. "You Shook Me All Night Long" by AC/DC
22. "Wonderful Tonight" by Eric Clapton
23. "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun" by Cyndi Lauper
24. "Fuckin Perfect" by Pink
25. "Never Ever" by All Saints
26. "Soldier" by Destiny's Child

Ok. I'm going to stop now. Sorry got a little carried away. At least you don't have to sit through all the songs. But if I can figure out how to add links without the whole video showing here I will.  All this music is from my childhood up till now. Lots of years covered.....

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Sooo Not Funny...MKLI writing prompts

This post is inspired by mamakatslosinit weekly writing prompts: (see badge above)

#5 Write about a time when you laughed at an inappropriate time.

Back when I was in high school I thought it was 'cool' to be associated with the rebel crowd. In our school all those kids were the ones skipping school, smoking, etc... I did my share of those things during my freshman and sophomore years until I decided I should stop because I'd never be allowed to get my driver's license when it was time. I figured having a car would make up for any 'coolness' lost if I quit smoking and skipping school.

Anyway...before I made this realization you could find me sneaking a quick 'puff' from a shared cigarette in the girls bathroom after most classes. Now usually I was VERY careful about which bathrooms I smoked in...for instance..I wouldn't smoke in the bathroom right beside the office even though that would've given me better status among my peers as one of the 'most rebellious'. I just didn't see the trade off worth it. I was happy to be a cool girl vs. being one of the coolest. Now there was one of the 'most rebellious' girls who disliked me for whatever reason. I didn't worry about it though since I still had the 'support' of plenty others. One day I had to go into this bathroom beside the office. It was an emergency and couldn't be avoided. I was hoping to slip in and out quietly without being noticed. Of course, The Queen Rebel had to be the one to spot me. I heard her call my name as I exited the stall, and when I turned around she was offering me her cigarette. Now I couldn't just say "no thanks" to this girl without looking lame, so I took the cigarette while staring at her smirky face..she was just waiting for me to say no. The very  scarey looking female P.E. teacher had a habit of bursting in bathrooms at full speed in hopes of catching someone smoking. Who do you think got caught holding the cigarette? Why yes..me of course! I was taken straight to the principle's office along with the girl who was reaching for the cigarette. By the time I was sitting in front of the principle I was feeling really nervous and practically on the edge of hysteria because A)  my dad was gonna find out and kill me and B) MY DAD WAS GONNA FIND OUT AND KILL ME!!!!! Inside I felt like crying and all this pressure built up for the long 30 minute wait to get in to see the principle. I'm sure the principle would have possibly been talked into giving me a warning since this was my first time being in the principle's office  because that's what happened with the other girl. BUT! I was so nervous that when she started talking and asking questions I felt a giggle down deep inside, and the more I tried to contain it the worse it got. When the principle saw my smile and asked if I was amused a loud-breathless laugh escaped as I tried to answer. I laughed and cried....the tears were not tears of joy, but   "OMG!! MY DAD'S GONNA FIND OUT AND KILL ME!!! tears. She, of course, couldn't tell the difference  between laughs, so I was promptly given 2 weeks of ISS--In School Suspension. The worst part was this got our relationship off on the wrong foot so whenever I had to see her later that year she always remembered and judged me for that one little outburst no matter how repentant I appeared. I didn't laugh anymore I guess because after the first time of seeing the principle it became much easier.

So that's all the dirty little secrets (well most of them) of my wild, freshman & sophomore  years. I certainly am glad I got smarter with age..lol.. and thank goodness I seem to have outgrown this annoying little problem...well, mostly anyway.

Friday, August 5, 2011

Poem inspired by Loss...MKLI writing prompt

This post is inspired by Mamakatslosinit writing prompts:(see badge  above)

Write a post inspired by the word "loss":

After losing you I will never be able to enjoy your warm, sensual embrace.
You will never again take me to that special place.
Whenever I was sad or blue,
you had the ability to make me feel just as good as when someone would say "I love you".
Maybe one day we'll meet again,
and I'll not remember our bitter end.
That may be far in our future but alas
I will Never forget our beautiful past.

This is the way I felt about a good bar of dark chocolate after I got sick from it during a round of morning sickness.  I'm not talking about a Hershey's Kiss kind of chocolate (although those are pretty good too). I'm talking about the gourmet, $5 bar with at least 75% cocoa kind of chocolate.

Thankfully, that feeling passed when pregnancy was over.