Sunday, November 3, 2013

Telemarketer Love....MKLI writing prompts

I've decided to go to the inspiration part of mama kat's writing prompts instead of using the prompts she has posted this week because:
1.) Girl's night out---non-existent
2.) If Social Media died tomorrow---I don't want to imagine it
3.) Share a Summer Camp memory---I never went to summer camp
4.) Write about a time you were scolded…as an adult---I'll be doing that all most everyday
5.) Describe an incident that upset you when you were pregnant---There were so many I couldn't possibly choose one

We love telemarketers don't we!?! Describe a memorable experience you had with one.

Since I usually immediately hang up I don't really have many from the receiving end, but I  have  been  THE %^&%#%!! who has called you before. A few years ago I briefly worked at a call center for 2 days=16 hours=960 get the idea....I hated it. I'd never been called as many things during my whole life as I was during those 2 days...Sometimes without getting further than saying my name. When I was hired I was told that I wouldn't have to make any outbound calls...I would only be taking calls from people who actually want to talk to us. They didn't mention that even though I didn't have to make any calls a computer was calling for me, and I'd be talking to the people who pushed some extension number. Turns out most of these people were pushing the fucking button to be removed from the call list because it was the only way they could speak to a live person. Three different calls stand out to me for three different of these calls being the reason I quit.

Call #1. There was a man who said he didn't need my help adjusting his card payments, but since he was in the process of (use your imagination) when I called I could help him by just talking in that "sexy, southern accent". EWWW. That was probably the only caller who I hung up on before they could hang up on me.

Call #2. A lady asked very nicely to tell her a little bit about the way I could help her. I gave her the whole presentation line we're suppose to give when someone shows some interest and actually stays on the phone for longer than 10 seconds. She started asking a lot of follow up questions. Finally, after about 10 minutes I asked if she was ready to begin the process to see if she qualified for the program.

Her: Why YES she was, and she was so glad. I was an answer to a prayer because she'd been having some financial issues.
Me: Ok. mam. I'm glad I can assist you. (me trying to sound like the professional I'm not).
Now I start taking her name, address, occupation...blah..blah..blah and I get to the part of asking her her card number.
Her: O.k. great, it's 4-0-0-(cue voice change as in the exorcist) KISS MY C%^&**   YOU F#%$^ING  LITTLE B(&^%%$^ . you better NEVER, NEVER, NEVER call my F%^$$ING NUMBER AGAIN> BEFORE I ^&%*(*%&^#^&*#&*%^&^%&*^&%&(()^%$^^&$!^&%$$**%^&%^. (A three minute rant) TAKE MY NUMBER OFF YOUR %^&*&%%   LIST.
Me: (still trying to sound professional) Thank you mam. I'll be happy to remove your number. Please be advised that it ta....CLICK...dial tone.

Call #3. After about 4 rings a lady answered sounding like she was out of breath. I gave her my name and why I was calling. She sounded so pitiful. She said "please oh please stop calling me. I'm 78 years old and just recently had a heart procedure done. I live by myself and if I'm not near the phone when you people call then I have to strain myself to get to the phone." I apologized and felt so guilty. I thought of my grandmother and what if my call caused this lady to have a heart attack or something?
This call was about 10 minutes before quitting time. I just left without saying anything. I didn't want to be a pain in the ass to someone else. We actually only got paid by commission, so I hadn't even made any money for sitting there those 2 days.

TIP FOR WHEN TELEMARKETERS CALL: I know with the calling system my employers used it could take up to 30 days to get a number on the Do Not Call list and out of the system. We were to advise people of this and let them know that if they answered any phone calls from us again within those 30 days, and selected an option to speak with someone, then the whole process of putting their name back on the Do Not Call list and waiting 30 days would begin again. The problem is most people don't listen long enough for you to tell them this, so they keep getting put back on the call list each time they push an option button.
So folks whatever you do DO NOT PUSH  repeat DO NOT PUSH that button. Hey sounds kind a like the nurse who delivered my first daughter.

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Wow. I knew another person who took a job as a telemarketer and lasted two days. Here's the part I don't understand, related to the companies, not so much the poor employees: if it's that brutal on the people, and if nobody ever buys anything (I mean, really, WHO buys from a telemarketer? It must be one in a hundred calls!), how can the companies possibly be making any money? And why do they keep trying?

For myself, I just always hang up. I don't want to be rude and I don't want to waste time.

SisterSister said...

My bosses had me watching the "pros" for a little while...they were really smooth talkers. The deals they were making commision on could give them as much as $300...they claimed they made one or two per week....they can have it. The guy sitting beside me said he worked for 2 months before getting a "sale"....ummm. no. sorry. not for me.

Thanks for stopping in :)