Monday, March 26, 2012

Toothy Tuesday

Considering my experience this week with teeth that I posted about yesterday, I guess it's fitting that I have to take all 3 kids to their annual dental check-up tomorrow. I won't worry about them having cavities because I know they won't, but I do worry about them taking 45 minutes to pick a trinket from the treasure box on their way out. Maybe I'll just take one of those frozen margharita drinks you can buy in a pouch in the freezer section at most grocery stores. It may not be cold, but I wouldn't mind the wait so much.

Seriously, how hard can it be to pick from a set of dracula teeth, silly straws, pinwheels, sheriff's badge, or bead necklace? Pretty dam hard if the time kids spend around THE BOX is any indication.

I'm hoping to have them motivated to move it along though. Tomorrow is the big day that I'm going to start on their 48" x 36" homemade, cardboard Barbie House. Not that they have any Barbies to put in there yet (jk.jk.jk they have 2). I'm kind of excited about starting it. I'm kind of excited about trying to make it with the girls helping. I'm not exactly excited about the way I think THAT will go. Anyway, even if it doesn't turn out as planned I'm sure we'll have fun. and we will have fun if it kills me damnit. Of course, Zavie can't be left out so I have some things that I'll be using to make him a little road mat and garage to use for his little hot wheels cars (when Zindie and Zaurie give him a chance to play with them that is).

If they both turn out half as good as I'd like them to, and we have fun (meaning no tears from them or me) I'll call it a success all for under $15 bucks for the materials. I'll also be making some furniture from things around the house.

 I know I loved doing that when I was little and all I had was an old shelf to decorate as a house. But with it's tissue box couches, folded wash cloth beds, and deck of cards end table I'd have to say I had the best country-ghetto barbie house in the whole damn holler by GAWD. (just thinking about those days brings out the "mountain talk" I grew up hearing so frequently. Sorry bout that. I promise it's out of my system for a year or two now. What was I saying?

Oh yeah. The furniture and house. I'll take a picture of the results..good or bad, so when it gets smooshed (maybe I watch too much Jersey Shore?)  in a week or so we'll still have memories.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

I just threw up in my mouth a little..

I decided that it was a lovely morning to go sit in a sun-filled booth at a nearby McD's  to enjoy a cup of coffee while reading blogs  doing homework. It was nice for the first 30 minutes. Then a couple of older gentlemen sat at a table beside of my booth.  One of the gentlemen got a little choked and started coughing. Hearing other people coughing really badly can almost make me gag all by itself. BUT the really icky part of this was....the man's TEETH flew out from his mouth in spite of the hand he had up to cover his mouth. They proceeded to slide on the floor and land right at my feet clad only in the official footwear of Florida....flip-flops. His TEETH! touched. the. side. of. MY. FOOT! (sorry for yelling)

I, of course, accepted his apology while pulling my feet up into my seat for him to be able to pick up his teeth, and then I promptly packed up all my stuff and left. I went straight to the salon for a pedicure where I requested extra hot water for the foot-soak.

BLEH.....I can still feel his teeth bumping the side of my foot. This will probably be funny to me in a year or two when I can no longer remember the feeling.

Monday, March 19, 2012

A great end to a monday

Earlier I mentioned a field trip to a Nudist Resort. I was really surprised that it really did seem like a nice place to visit (it is a vacation spot as well as having some permanent residents. I was extremely surprised that throughout the years there have been many families who live there even with kids, and they've faced no problems from CPS, police or any gov't agency (and I'm not saying they should). I couldn't choose that for my family with kids though.

After visiting I could actually picture myself living like that. Especially since people are required to have something under those bare bottoms before sitting on any public surface. It is something appealing about living free from worry about what or how others view your body. These were older people, playing tennis, swimming, jogging, biking, playing frisby, laying in the sun.....all while flaunting everything. Some people did have on a t-shirt or a sarong ties around their waist, but for the most part there were bare asses everywhere. I spoke with a woman, who talked to our group, who had had a double mastectomy years ago. She said she felt proud to show off her "trophies" from winning a battle with cancer. That was really inspiring and touched me way deep inside. I'm not one to be sentimental, but I felt so......???not sure what??? hearing her story and seeing how positive, healthy, and out going she is.


Comment Etiquette and Naked Bodies... Great start to a monday

 So this morning I'm sitting at a McD's drinking coffee, reading blogs, and killing time until it's time to meet right up the road for a Sociology field trip at a Nudist Resort. Should be interesting since I live close to here and the ONLY people I ever see leaving from there are at least 55+. Not that I don't think their choice is great, but I just hadn't counted on seeing naked bodies of that age and over for about another 10-15 years. Bodies are great no matter the size, shape, age, condition, but I wouldn't want to see a naked body 10-15 years younger than me either. I have some time to kill and decided to post something I've been thing about lately and just haven't had enough free time to do it.

I like to think that I'm usually pretty good at reading people and knowing what to say when we're in a conversation. If the person seems to be down, pissed, or confused I use body signals, tone of voice, and can ask questions to be able to respond (or sometimes not respond and just give an ear) in the correct way.

I have a difficult time doing this with comments on blogs. It's like not having those physical cues really throw my brain out of whack. When I read other blogs, or comments on my blog I always ask my questions like:

 1. Does this comment make light of something they feel is serious?
2. Will it be taken in the way I mean it? (I can assure anyone I NEVER NEVER have bad intentions)
3. Does this comment show that I understand where they're coming from or just hi-jacking their post/comments?
4. Does this sound judgmental in any way?

I go through the whole process when trying to decide whether or not to hit the "submit" button. There are LOTS of times I'll write a comment but never post it because I read some comments people leave that sound really harsh...and they'll later post that they didn't mean to come off a certain way. They only realize this once there is some negative feed back from the comment.

I don't have this problem on my personal Facebook page because I only have people I know personally and have physically spent time around them and know how they talk and use words, their background etc... I also know s little about the circles they roll in which can make a big difference in deciding how things may be taken.

Now I don't really care too much about how people take the things I write on my own blog post since that is suppose to portray my feelings and experiences. When it comes to responding directly to a commenter it's a whole different story, or if I'm commenting on their post....because that's dealing with someone else's (correct spelling of that please) personal feelings.  Should I comment back to every comment left on my post? I f I respond to one, but not another, is that rude? If I post a generic comment like " great post/comment/ideas...thanks" will that seem like I really don't appreciate all the people who have bothered to comment or share their story?

This is just me rambling on to say that if I don't comment on your post often this is why. If I say something that is assured I would NEVER intentionally do that...and I'm sorry if I do.

BLEH!!! as if life isn't hard enough here I go finding things, that are probably trivial, to worry my bed head about.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Test of Nerves....MKLI writing prompts

Mama kat's writing prompt (you should check it out if you never have..her badge is up top) that I chose this week was:

#2. A case of the nerves. When was the last time I had them and how did I get through it?

I don't have a lot of free time to write a post, so I guess it's a good thing I have this prompt to pick because I can write about it in just a few lines.

My last case of The Nerves was my 1st ever college Math final  that I had last semester. I had myself completely worked up before I went in. About half-way through the test I threw up in a trash can in the front of the room. Of course, I couldn't leave without having to take another test all over (they were going to give us 2 chances), so I was NOT going to leave even if they did want me to and even if I was MORTIFIED. ( was the first time I ever threw-up in front of anyone when I wasn't too wasted to care) I was not about to go through another night of that torture.

I stayed and scored a 95/100, but I probably can't say that for all of the people who were also taking their test and had to endure it. I'm sure watching and hearing it was worse than the actual act. As a matter of fact, my nerves settled down immediately after.