Saturday, June 30, 2012

My four year old teenager

My 4 year old is the child that seems to want to test me at every turn. She the one who will defiantly say "no" and stare me down with her arms crossed even as she's on her way to the timeout corner.  During time-out. AFTER she's out of time-out...This girl can hold a grudge let me tell you.  I can only imagine what she'll be like when puberty hits.

But she's the one who is the most dependent and attached to me. When we go to the pool or park she can hardly play with other kids for worrying about where I am. I have to literally "practice" with her about meeting and talking to other kids when we're out. She's fine playing along beside of other kids but doesn't have to much interest in actually playing WITH them...unless I'm playing too. She's fine with her brother and sister, and occasionally she'll forget she's attached to me and let me sit on the sideline while she plays with a new friend she's made.

If she sees me pick up my bag and jacket at home she's the first to ask "are YOU GOING SOMEWHERE?!?!?) She's the one sitting on my bathroom counter top as I brush my teeth, pluck my brows and grey hair.

So I'd expect her to be the first one to be ready to listen and obey my every command, but then again she is the one who is most like me in most ways so I guess I shouldn't be surprised. I should say that she didn't get the holding-a-grudge thing from me. That's all Scrooge's personality. I can't stay mad longer than 5 minutes...I mean really mad. If someone tries to kid around after making me mad I can't hold back a smile or laugh.

All this to say that now i feel guilty for sneaking out of the house extra early for my couple-hours-away-to-have-time-for-myself day because I know right about now she's roaming around all the rooms looking for me (and probably fuming at the ears) plotting her revenge on me for this over stepping of my boundaries. :)

 just kidding about that last part....partly

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Jim said...

Parents SO deserve a medal! I will miss this experience ('miss' isn't exactly the correct word to use here) this lifetime, but ya never know about the other ones ahead! I am getting really nervous! lol
Great to meet you and thanks for dropping by my/Mark's blog!!