Tuesday, April 24, 2012

MTVv Cribs... Eat Your Heart Out

I wrote about making a doll house from recycled-reused items for my kids. right herehttp://weareoursisterskeeper.blogspot.com/2012/03/toothy-tuesday.html. With school we've only had bits and pieces of time to work on it, so it has taken this long to get it finished. It took us about 8 -10 hours to finish the house and the furniture.

I'm not expecting any offers from the Mattel company or NASA for our awesome design skills, but for under 15 bucks, a little creativity, lots of fun and  help from my 3, 4, and 5 year old we finished not just a doll house but a spacestation/garage/street/driving area for Zavie and his hotwheels.

We had so much fun that I'm trying to think of some different similar projects to keep them busy during the break between semesters.

here are some pictures....and only after bath time did it occur to me to take pictures of the messes we made of ourselves. We had tissue paper and bits of fabric stuck all over us to.
the "Open House"
the baby's room
ze master bedroom
the living room
the purple and bright green couch that I myself would love to have..because I love purple and lime green
we need some kitchen chairs
the wall mounted tv made from the insert from my cell phone box...i'm sure Barbie will love looking at Tebow

Alligator Lake at the end of Zavie's driving area
rocket pad on top of the garage and the rocket getting ready to go in and get some work done;

I would have done a little more to Zavie's area...but he had ran out of patience by the time we finished this much, so we called it complete. They've been having lots of fun so far. I wonder how long it'll take one of them to try to climb on top and squish it.

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Mark said...

Big imagination and it looks wonderful!
Great job!