Monday, March 26, 2012

Toothy Tuesday

Considering my experience this week with teeth that I posted about yesterday, I guess it's fitting that I have to take all 3 kids to their annual dental check-up tomorrow. I won't worry about them having cavities because I know they won't, but I do worry about them taking 45 minutes to pick a trinket from the treasure box on their way out. Maybe I'll just take one of those frozen margharita drinks you can buy in a pouch in the freezer section at most grocery stores. It may not be cold, but I wouldn't mind the wait so much.

Seriously, how hard can it be to pick from a set of dracula teeth, silly straws, pinwheels, sheriff's badge, or bead necklace? Pretty dam hard if the time kids spend around THE BOX is any indication.

I'm hoping to have them motivated to move it along though. Tomorrow is the big day that I'm going to start on their 48" x 36" homemade, cardboard Barbie House. Not that they have any Barbies to put in there yet (jk.jk.jk they have 2). I'm kind of excited about starting it. I'm kind of excited about trying to make it with the girls helping. I'm not exactly excited about the way I think THAT will go. Anyway, even if it doesn't turn out as planned I'm sure we'll have fun. and we will have fun if it kills me damnit. Of course, Zavie can't be left out so I have some things that I'll be using to make him a little road mat and garage to use for his little hot wheels cars (when Zindie and Zaurie give him a chance to play with them that is).

If they both turn out half as good as I'd like them to, and we have fun (meaning no tears from them or me) I'll call it a success all for under $15 bucks for the materials. I'll also be making some furniture from things around the house.

 I know I loved doing that when I was little and all I had was an old shelf to decorate as a house. But with it's tissue box couches, folded wash cloth beds, and deck of cards end table I'd have to say I had the best country-ghetto barbie house in the whole damn holler by GAWD. (just thinking about those days brings out the "mountain talk" I grew up hearing so frequently. Sorry bout that. I promise it's out of my system for a year or two now. What was I saying?

Oh yeah. The furniture and house. I'll take a picture of the results..good or bad, so when it gets smooshed (maybe I watch too much Jersey Shore?)  in a week or so we'll still have memories.


Arnebya said...

We bought a dollhouse for the girls at Christmas. It's still not put together b/c the requirement was for the basement to be (and remain!) clean. They keep asking, but I keep looking at the floor like shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiid.

Good luck and no tears on your homemade endeavor!

Mark said...

A "ghetto barbie house in the holler"? Love it!