Thursday, December 1, 2011

Who crapped in Spiderman's Cheerios? Zave did!

Me: Do you think spider man is a big guy or a baby?
Zavier: A big boy

Me: zave? do you want some spiderman big boy underwear?
Zave: Yes...yay...spiderman mama

Me: you pee-pee in the potty or your diaper?
Zave: Innn....THE POTTY...YAYYY
Me: yes...GREAT job'm so proud of you

Me: you boo-boo in the potty or your diaper?
Zave: In my DIAPER! have to boo-boo on potty if you want to wear spider-man training pants.
Zave: yeah..i have to boo-boo in the potty not spider man.

Me: that's right... spider man doesn't want  to be boo-booed on.
Zave: noooooo....spiderman not like thaaaa---attt...noooo (shaking head)
Me: noooo (shaking head) spiderman wouldn't like thhaaa--aat.

Five more minutes of this line of conversation

Switching over to me sounding like a fucking cheerleader

Me: Zave if you wear some spider-man training pants where are you gonna pee-pee?
Zave: I gonna pee-pee in potty....YAYY...(doing fist pump)
Me: yeeessss...Zave ....that's right...great job!

Me: but Zave...what if you're wearing spider-man training pants and you need to boo-boo? where are you gonna boo-boo?
Zave: ummm....I boo-boo on spiderman! yessss

 at least he gets some use out of the cute little glow in the dark spiderman underpants I got him...right now he's wearing them as a hat since he'll probably outgrow them before he ever actually wears them somewhere other than his head!


Dawn :o) said...

LOL, Looking forward to when my boy gets to the age of potty training :)

SisterSister said...

Dawn...I know you are :)..thanks for stopping by to comment