Friday, October 7, 2011

Comments on Comments

I usually participate in the great almost famous writing prompts every Thursday (run on over and check her out...she has a totally cool place, and is sooo funny), but this week I had decided to not write about any of the prompts because I just wasn't feeling them. I did, however, decide to read some of the other links posted, and do my part to comments.

I noticed several people had written about the little boxed message that has been appearing all over FB this week. I saw this message myself on my FB page lots of times. I also saw lots of other messages in little boxes. So I was wondering what's with the messages in the boxes this week? Not what are all the different ones or the reasons behind them...just why all the messages in boxes?


pegbur7 said...

I noticed that too. Maybe it's some new app?

SUPAHMAMA! said...

I'm with you. I have no idea why people are posting more pics with sayings lately. I'm guessing it's all starting with Pinterest maybe and now with the new "John Doe just liked this picture" peaking everyone's inner lurker? I dunno. I find it strange as well. Facebook's starting to creep me out in general though.

SisterSister said... seems like everything is suppose to be linked with FB now...that is kind of creepy

Optimistic Mom said...

FB is doing some weird things. I recently cleared everything off my personal acct, until I figure out what exactly is going on.