Wednesday, October 19, 2011

22 Things I've Never Done

Here's my response to Mamakatslosinit prompts  to 22 things I've never done: (badge above to head over there)

1. Had sex in a public bathroom...because EWWW!

2. Kissed a snake...ummm well that could depend on someone's version of a snake.

3. Baked a beautiful cake.

4. Asked anyone to guest post on my blog because I just haven't reached Dooce status. (love her btw)

5. Found someone who truly loves me and accepts me JUST AS I AM

6. Told my southern baptist family my philosophy on God and religion because I don't want them to worry and they will

7. Watched Forrest Gump all the way through in one sitting.

8. Stopped wishing I could live in Munchkin Land on Wizard of oz..or be the witch either one would be awesome.

9.Never dated someone older than me (oh except my 1st husband)

10. Eaten a whole cheesecake by myself..though I've wanted to.

11. Avoided morning sickness while pregnant.

12. Driven a race car.

13. Baked a perfect cake from scratch.

14. Been to Olive Garden without having an Italian Margharita w/ Amaretto.

15. Had an argument with my sister.

16. Been thinking about "what a great blog post this would be" while doing something

17. Ran in any type of marathon.

18. Had an argument with my sister.

19. Shared personal details on my FB page.

20. Told most of my family that I have experienced depression for the last several years.

21. Told one of my BF's that her ex-boyf. tried to get me to go out with him... I knew she wouldn't leave him...she already knew about other times of him with other women. She always got mad at the women. I didn't want to risk making our friendship awkward.

22. Walked down an aisle during a wedding (mine or anyone's) or graduation (yet).

Well, not so interesting but here it is :)


Teresa said...

SO totally with you on #1....ewwwwwwww!!!

Great list, btw.

virginia said...

You really should eat a whole cheesecake by yourself! great list.